Sunam Temple Tiger Shorts
Sunam Temple Tiger Shorts
Sunam Temple Tiger Shorts
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Sunam Temple Tiger Shorts

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About the Product 


  • Jacket - M
  • Shorts - S, M


  • Jacket - $245
  • Shorts - $82

Design Description:

[Sunamsa Tiger] is the 2021 season concept of the Joseon Tiger.

Inspired by the scenery of Seonamsa Temple in Suncheon, which contains a thousand years of history, this graphic depicts a Joseon tiger jumping joyfully along the mysterious Milky Way waterway that flows along Seungseongyo Bridge and Gangseonru.

The tiger pattern, which has large sulky eyes, humorous mouth, stripes, and spots, is the image of a tiger that appears only in Joseon folk paintings.

The mysterious light purple Uyuni color contains the pink sky at dawn and the blue color that reflects the salt desert when the director of the Joseon Tiger met while traveling in the Uyuni Salt Desert.

The water flowing between the Seungseongyo Bridge represents the Milky Way in the Uyuni salt desert sky.

This season, the emotions and inspirations of the wind that the director of the Joseon Tiger freely traveled around were expressed in Korean silhouettes and stylish graphics.

Through the artwork of the Joseon Tiger, we would like to present the everyday style to the wearer.

About the Brand - Joseun Tiger

Joseun Tiger pursues designs that are neutral to gender or body types. and expresses a unique look that shows a sense of freedom and personality with the relaxed silhouette and stylish aesthetic of Hanbok. Joseun Tiger wishes to become a brand that becomes the driving force for living an independent life where decisions made by oneself can be supported and sympathized with.

About Hanbok

As wonderful as the aesthetic sense of Hanbok, which is well known for its harmony of curves and straight lines, details such as collar movements, and beautiful colors and patterns, Hanbok is clothing that thinks about the wearer.

Unlike modern clothing, which expresses the characteristics of the body without individual adjustment, Hanbok is worn to suit the person who wears it in a relaxed silhouette and open manner. Joseun tiger’s fascination with Hanbok’s philosophy drives them to reinterpret Hanbok to suit modern times.